Fine and Family Dining in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is a great vacation venue, but what great vacation is complete without great food? A great dining adventure in the summer or fall just shouts outside to me. Dining under the stars can be the perfect end to a great day. If you can’t get in at a restaurant with a patio or if that is not just your cup of tea, we have some recommendations for you that have great seafood choices and awesome service.
Blue Seafood and Spirits
Blue is a cozy little restaurant that is capable of seating around 60 diners at a time. This restaurant is owned and operated by the chef, and prides themselves on their refined yet casual atmosphere. Offering a variety of fresh fish dishes, they also specialize in their locally famous crab cakes and shrimp. a perfect restaurant choice in Virginia Beach.
Salacia Prime Seafood and Steaks
This steak and seafood restaurant has an AAA rating. With their upscale dining and atmosphere and there to die for cuisine, they are the only four star steakhouse operating in the Virginia Beach area. If you love the finer things in life and are looking to experience what Salacia can offer you, come and join them for dinner, you won’t be disappointed.
Waterman's Surfside Grill
Last but not least, we recommend Waterman’s Surfside Grill. This restaurant not only has a family friendly atmosphere, but the food is environmentally friendly as well. Their goal is to help their patrons to make sustainable seafood choices in their restaurants. What this means, is that the seafood comes from varieties that are able to propagate without having any negative effects on their environment or populations. They guide you right to the heart of eco-friendly dining with ease.
If you are looking for great seafood choices in a fantastic restaurant atmosphere Virginia Beach Seafood is just bursting with them. You can find any type of fresh seafood you can imagine, and all within blocks of your vacation spot. You can have a lovely vacation in a beautiful city, and enjoy fine or family dining at one of their many restaurants. If you want to read more about Virginia Beach Camping please visit